News from Mireja 2013

August 16, Swedish homeschooler fined 15000 USD = 11500 euros
Read the ROHUS press release in English here.

July 4, Jonas Himmelstrand speaks at Almedalen in Gotland, Sweden
At the yearly Swedish political event, Almedalsveckan, on Gotland Jonas gave short version in Swedish of Dr. Neufelds presention on May 31st.

June 26, Jonas Himmelstrand speaks in Dublin, Ireland
The Iona Institute invited Jonas to speak about Swedish family policies. He was also interviewed on Irish national radio. Handouts can be found here.

June 13, Jonas Himmelstrand speaks in Prague, The Czech Republic
Jonas spoke about Swedish family policies at the International Conference New Forms of Care for Small Children. Handouts can be found here.

May 31, Dr Gordon Neufeld visits Sweden and Finland
Dr Gordon Neufeld visits Sweden and Finland for a full week. His presentation for the Swedish Family Association Haro on the topic of Children's Irreducable Needs can be seen in full here. (Don't worry about the Swedish language, simply click on the YouTube links.)

May 18, Jonas Himmelstrand at the Family Education Trust, London
Jonas gav his speech on Busting the Myths of Swedish Family Policies in London for the Family Education Trust. Handouts can be found here.

May 11, Jonas Himmelstrand at the FreedomFest 2013 in Stockholm
As the only speaker invited every year for FreedomFest in Stockholm, Jonas gave the example of homeschooling as an illustration of the lacking freedom in family matters in Sweden.

March 26, Swedish Home education appeal to the European Court
The verdict of the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court to the deny the Himmelstrand family the legal right to home educate their daughter has been appealed to the European Court of Human Rights: Himmelstrand versus Sweden, application no. 21270/13. Read more here.

March 12, Jonas Himmelstrand speaks in the House of Commons
Jonas was invited to speak on the theme of "The Rise and Fall of Swedish Family Policies" at an event in the House of Commons. Read more here.

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