So far all the Mireja Institute reports are all in Swedish. Presented here is what is available in English as well as reports in English by others touching on Mireja subjects.

Following your heart – in the social utopia of Sweden
The basis for The Mireja Institute is Jonas Himmelstrand's Swedish book whose English title would be: "Following your heart – in the social utopia of Sweden". There is some information in English at the publishers website here.

Jonas Himmelstrand's book being translated to condensed English version
There has been a large interest in Europe, USA as well as Canada for an English translation of the Swedish book "Following your heart – in the social utopia of Sweden". More information here.

Stress in day care
Can day-care be a viable solution also to the sceptical parent? John Bowlby's son Richard Bowlby has written an interesting report on how day care could be designed to meet the attachment needs of small children. The report can be read here.

The Politicised Science of Day Care – A Personal and Professional Odyssey
One of the world's leading day care researchers, Professor Jay Belsky, writes his personal reflections about the results of day care research. Download here (a 64 kB pdf-document).

Home Schooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream
The Fraser Institute in Canada has in this report summarised the research on home schooling showing that it is a viable alternative to school producing excellent both academic and social results. The report can be downloaded here.