"Busting the Myths of Swedish Family Policy",
presentation at IMFC on May 5, 2011 in Ottawa,
plus media coverage


On May 5th Jonas Himmelstrand gave a presentation at a conference arranged by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, "Transforming the way Canadians think about family". Jonas spoke on the theme: "Busting the Myths of Swedish Family Policy".

The presentation can also be seen in its entirety on YouTube:

The presentation can be listened to in audio in three parts:

Part one: www.imfcanada.org/article_files/Himmelstrand%20pt1.mp3
Part two: www.imfcanada.org/article_files/Himmelstrand%20pt2.mp3
Q&A: www.imfcanada.org/article_files/Q&A_Himmelstrand.mp3

The slides can be downloaded here:

Busting the Myths of Swedish Family Policies, 5,2 MB

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Big interest in Canadian Media
Jonas Himmelstrand's presentation created a big interest in Canadian Media. Here is a summary of them, some of which have links:

April 21st, Jonas is interviewed as an introduction in the IMFC eReview vol. 11, no. 8 to his presentation on May 5th. The interview can be read here.

April 26th, Jonas writes an article for the Canadian national newspaper the National Post: "The limits of the welfare state"

May 1st, Jonas is interviewed on Toronto Newstalk 1010 on Astral Radio, by Tasha Kheiriddin.

May 4th, Jonas is interview on national Canadian TV, the Sun News Network, on The Charles Adler talk show.

May 5th, Jonas presentation at IMFC, see links above.

May 6th, Jonas interviewed on national Canadian radio on The Roy Green Show.

May 9th, Jonas interviewed on LifeSiteNews: Sweden: "A warning against overzealous state family policies".