Presentation at The Iona Institute on day-care in Sweden on May 26, 2011 in Dublin, Ireland.

On May 26th Jonas Himmelstrand gave a presentation in Dublin, Ireland at a conference arranged by The Iona Institute, "Women, home and work: Towards a policy that's fair to all families". Jonas spoke on the theme: "Day-care in Sweden: Is this what families really want".

The programme for the conference can be found here.

The handouts of the power-points can be downloaded here:

Day-care in Sweden, 5,2 MB

Transcripts of longer presentations on similar topics can be found here.

The conference was followed by a lunch in the Irish Parliament where Jonas Himmelstrand gave a short summary of his presentation and answered questions together with other presenters to Irish MPs.

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Debate about the Swedish model in The Irish Times
Following Jonas Himmelstrand's presentation in Dublin a debate started in The Irish Times.

First another speaker at the conference, Breda O'Brien, wrote an article about the conference on May 28:
Swedish childcare system is hardly a utopian model

This article was criticised by two lecturers at two Irish universities – Dympna Devine and Ursula Kilkelly – who wrote a response on June 9:
Nordic childcare model best for economic and social wellbeing

To which Jonas Himmelstrand, who had started the discussion with his presentation, responded in turn on June 24:
Rose-tinted view of 'Nordic' childcare based on misconceptions

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Several blog entries about the Swedish model on The Iona Institute blog
Jonas Himmelstrand's presentation also resulted in several blog entries on The Iona Institute blog:

Sweden's semi-compulsory day-care system, May 28

‘Liberating’ mothers from their motherhood instincts, June 9

Defenders of the Swedish day-care system completely miss the point, June 11

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Photo of participants at the conference starting to assemble in the morning. The room was full at the start of the conference: