The Swedish International Family Day NGO gives its Family Award to Mireja founder Jonas Himmelstrand

Mireja founder Jonas Himmelstrand presented with a family award
The Swedish International Family Day NGO (Föreningen Internationella Familjedagen) presented Jonas Himmelstrand with their family award on August 19, 2010 in Stockholm.


From the left: Patrik Karlsson, Fiona Karlsson, Nancy Bertilson, Jonas Himmelstrand, Gunilla Olsson and Ingrid Nilsson.

The president of the organisation, Gunilla Olsson, presented the following reasoning behind the award to Jonas Himmelstrand:

"For his work in promoting family as a key institution in society and his ability to constantly emphasise the importance of strengthening, nourishing and making space for families to make their own choices.

Through tireless enthusiasm on a wide scale through The Mireja Institute, the Swedish family organisation Haro, and his own writings, Jonas shows a competence and credibility bringing forth the key role of family. It is our conviction that he will represent Sweden well in the European Familyplatform project."

Earlier recipients of this award include Swedish writer Per Kågeson, Swedish psychologist Alf B. Svensson, columnist Elise Claeson and Signhild Arengård Hansen – previously chairperson of Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

The International Family Day has a Swedish web page at: www.familjedagen.se