In the newsletter Strategies to Learn & Grow there are several articles about Dr. Gordon Neufeld. The following can be read on the net:

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Dr. Neufeld's internationally acclaimed book, "Hold On To Your Kids – Why parents need to matter more than peers" can be ordered at Internet bookshops:

"Hold On To Your Kids" – Amazon UK
"Hold On To Your Kids" – Amazon USA

On Dr. Neufeld's own home page there are several dvd-packages available on a variety of themes concurring parenthood and young peoples development, see www.gordonneufeld.com

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Dr. Gordon Neufeld gave several well received lectures in Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg during his two visits to Sweden in 2009. June 2010 will be his third visit to Sweden.

Breakfast meeting June 18, 2010 in Stockholm

Canada's foremost developmental psychologist explains
the educational success of homeschooling

Homeschooling from the perspective
of developmental science

Homeschooling is an acknowledged and legal form of schooling in most parts of the Western World. According to UN documents it must be seen as a human right. Research has proven the academic and social success of homeschooling. However, Sweden lags behind with a very restrictive policy and only 100 home educated children. A proposed school law to be debated in the Swedish Parliament on June 21 will make homeschooling downright illegal in Sweden.

The question asked in Sweden is: How is it possible for parents to be more successful teaching their children than highly trained teachers?

The internationally renowned Canadian psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld is experienced in homeschooling. He explains why homeschooling works based on established developmental psychology, modern neurobiology and his 35 years of clinical experience.

What makes homeschooling so successful is the home environment which is more conducive to learning and social maturation. The key ingredient in social development is not social activities, but an emotionally safe environment. Dr. Neufeld explains the mental processes that nurtures learning and social maturation. This vill make sense out of the phenomena of homeschooling.

Dr. Neufeld's message will lead to a new view on both homeschooling and school. The message is not political, but has political consequences.

Date: June 18, 2010, 8.15-9.45 am.
Venue: ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm. Dr. Neufeld presents in English. Slides and a sound recording of the event is available here.