In the newsletter Strategies to Learn & Grow there are several articles about Dr. Gordon Neufeld. The following can be read on the net:

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Dr. Neufeld's internationally acclaimed book, "Hold On To Your Kids – Why parents need to matter more than peers" can be ordered at Internet bookshops:

"Hold On To Your Kids" – Amazon UK
"Hold On To Your Kids" – Amazon USA

On Dr. Neufeld's own home page there are several dvd-packages available on a variety of themes concurring parenthood and young peoples development, see www.gordonneufeld.com

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Dr. Gordon Neufeld gave several lectures in Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg during this visit to Sweden in October 2009. He will be back in Sweden in June 2010.

Breakfast meeting October 13, 2009 in Stockholm

Meet Canada's foremost developmental psychologist
Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Why our schools are failing
– and why more pedagogics won't help

In spite of excellent material resources in a peaceful country the psychological health is deteriorating among Swedish youth, the school results are plummeting, disorder in the classroom is high and self-destructive behaviour is increasing.

Among the suggestions to solve the problems are: More pedagogics, day care being called school and more order, grades and control in school.

But is this the only solution? No, argues the Canadian psychologist Gordon Neufeld known for his book "Hold On To Your Kids – why parents need to matter more than peers", there are other mechanisms are responsible for these problems. Children and adolescents today lack a strong enough attachment to adults – parents and teachers. Instead they attach to one another – peer-orientation – which leads to emotional contact with adults being rejected, which in turn makes both parenting and teaching much more difficult.

Dr. Neufeld integrates developmental psychology with modern neuroscience and 35 years of clinical experience of children and adolescents in highly different settings from middle class families to prisons.

The message presented by Dr. Neufeld leads us to re-examine our views on parenthood, day care, school, culture and the development of our youth. The message is not political, but has political consequences for every political orientation.

Moderator: Roland Poirier Martinsson
Date: October 13, 2009, 8.15-9.30 am.
Venue: Timbro, Kungsgatan 60, 2tr, Stockholm